Over the years, Ebert Construction has received numerous awards for excellence in commercial construction and community leadership. We’re well equipped to serve you with general contracting and construction management services at any phase of your next project.

Tap in to our team of experts, poised to help you save money, aggravation and time when planning your project. You’ll benefit from our in-depth experience locating and evaluating sites, creating budgets and timelines, and carrying out complex construction and management tasks. We can also provide you with the following commercial general contracting, construction management and real estate services.




Commercial General Contracting and Construction Management
As your general contractor, we’ll evaluate, assemble and lead a team of construction professionals to meet your project’s unique needs.

Our project managers, job superintendents and subcontractors work closely with one another, and with you, to balance even the most complex designs, schedules and budgets.

You’ll find that we strive to deliver innovative, cost-effective results that surpass your expectations.

Project Management

At Ebert Construction, we believe the success of your project mirrors our commitment to excellence. That’s why we work hard to ensure your satisfaction from project conception to final completion.

Every step of the way, you can expect from us quality craftsmanship and seamless service, delivered on time and within your budget.

A solid foundation forms successful partnerships, as well as structures. We build both to withstand the test of time. With your project success in mind, our expert concrete  crews will give you first-class service and results.

Selective Demo

We started this division of the company about 10 years ago. We focus on primarily interior selective demolition of spaces that will be remodeled. Ebert prides ourselves on our demolition crews being organized and clean, ensuring proper air ventilation, temporary barricades and the utmost care in the work we do. 

Design / Build

Carrying out you specific building needs and wants is our priority at Ebert Construction. Rest assured the architectural, engineering, construction and other experts working on your behalf employ the latest technology to carry out your project and vision – from the rough design and permit phases to the day of occupancy.

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings
Whether your needs are commercial, industrial, suburban/shop or agricultural, Ebert Construction can offer you a wide range of building solutions to fit your needs, and your budget.

Our longstanding relationships with pre-engineered metal building suppliers make it possible for you to design buildings customized just for you. .

Pre-engineered steel buildings offer you versatile designs, shorter construction time and reduced costs. Plus, you can combine your steel buildings with traditional exterior materials such as stone, brick, pre-cast or glass to get the architectural designs you are looking for. 

Commercial Real Estate Services
An extension of our commercial general contracting and construction services, commercial real estate consulting is available to you from Ebert Construction. Learn more.